Injilada Photodesign by Inci Şen

My name is Inci, what means pearl. I have roots from three continents and I‘m born and raised in Germany. I did an education as photographer and currently I am doing my bachelor degree in photography. But enough of the serious stuff. I love photography. That drives me. That is my power. It‘s my passion & it‘s my business. People and their stories is what I’m interested in. Always been. For me photography is never objective. It’s an interaction between the model and the person behind the camera. The subjective view starts with how we take the pictures, the atmosphere of the shooting, the angel we choose, the moment of the capture. It goes over the selection, the edit & ends up with how we present our photos. Nothing we do as photographers is objective at all. It‘s our kind of view, our interaction with people in front of the camera. It‘s a synergy. That‘s probably the reason why I like conceptual strategies. If you already know that a pictures never shows 100 % of the reality, why wouldn’t you bring the point of view to the next level? I‘m a visual artist. I‘m a storyteller. Come let’s build up something new.

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